Top recruiting tips


Ten hints for recruiting volunteers

  1.   Notice Board - List  what  jobs  need  doing  in  the  club. Design  a  poster, “volunteers needed”, to attract attention to the fact that help is needed.  Display rotas or a ‘sign up list’.
  2.   Letters - Send these out at the start of the season asking for volunteers.  Note what people are willing to help with (safety/race   management   etc.) and consequently call on them when they’re needed.
  3. Website - Create a volunteering section on your website. Detail the different roles available including time and skills required. Create a banner that flashes up on your home page highlighting how many people have volunteer that week and what opportunties are available to volunteerThis  resource  is  nearly  always  accessible  and  could  feature  the  same information as the newsletter.
  4.   Skills database - Make a note of members’skills. This could include all sorts of things from being an electrician to a solicitor, as well as powerboat certificates and so forth, you could find these members useful sometime.
  5.   Word-of-mouth - Spot potential volunteers; target them, get them interested.
  6.   Newsletter - Create or use an existing newsletter to advertise for volunteers. Write an article about volunteering within your club to raise awareness about volunteering issues. Essentially, make your members realise that the club will not run without the efforts of volunteers. Highlight the opportunities available for volunteers young and old.
  7. New Members - If new members have learnt  to sail through your club encourage them to put  something back and ge  them  involved, i.e. assisting in the training they first learnt  through.    This  could  range  from  helping  rigging  or  de-rigging boats to helping out in the galley.
  8. Non-sailors - Get sailor’s husbands or wives, friends or parents involved in your club.  If you’re teaching somebody’s kids to sail encourage them to put something back  into  the  club.    Potential  recruits  could  help  with  social  events, organisation or safety.
  9. Term or condition of membership - Make  it  a  condition that members  must  help  out  at  least  once  or  twice within  the  season,  or that they must  do safety cover  (if they have the qualifications).
  10. Twist people’s arms! - Persuade  people  to  help  out  the  club. Explain the benefits of putting something in and you’ll get something back i.e. intrinsic rewards.