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Learn to windsurf with the RYA

Windsurfing is a fantastic sport encompassing people from all ages and walks of life. It's great fun and rewarding to learn. Modern, specialist teaching boards make it easy to learn and you can be speeding along in no time.

No matter what your experience is, there is a course for you. With the right instruction, the right equipment and regular time on the water, you can progress very quickly in windsurfing. Our unique coaching method called Fastfwd helps you grasp new skills and improve your windsurfing more quickly than ever before. 

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Adult and youth windsurfing courses

Adult and youth windsurfing courses

Adult Courses

Youth Courses

Racing Courses

What they are A series of courses for complete beginners to those looking to master the waterstart and infamous planing gybe Four stages of training for children from novices to a intermediates, preparing you for the advanced clinics of the National Windsurfing Scheme Three courses taking you from novice racer to feeling confident to compete at club racing or regional events
Who they're for All adults Anyone under 16. Children can usually start taking courses from around the age of 8 Anyone who has achieved the basic courses within the youth or adult schemes

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