Anyone can experience the thrill and exhilaration of windsurfing. Whether you want to crack the carve gybe, speed off the start line, experience the thrill of foiling or sail with the family, there's a course for you. 

With the right equipment and high quality RYA instruction, you should pick it up in no time. Browse our courses and find your level below.

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Adult courses

The courses in the National Windsurfing scheme cover everything from the basics of beach starting and tacking, right through to honing your water starts and perfecting the carve gybe. You'll quickly grasp new skills and take your windsurfing to another plane with our unique coaching method

Start Windsurfing

A course for complete beginners. Take the first step and discover the exhilaration of windsurfing.

Intermediate (non-planing)

Progress your skills and make your windsurfing faster and more fluid

Intermediate (planing)

As you build your skills, learning how to use the foot straps and get the board planing


Master dynamic transitions, advanced planing techniques, the waterstart and infamous planing gybe

Youth courses

Our Youth Windsurfing scheme is an easy and accessible way to get started and progress in this exciting sport. Designed to get kids up and windsurfing over a number of short sessions or two full days, they'll be hooked from their first taster and will be blasting across the water in no time

Stage 1

An introduction to the basics of getting on the water and sailing across the wind through fun games and exercises

Stage 2

Develop the windsurfing skills needed to sail around a course tacking and gybing

Stage 3

Enhance your stance and confidence windsurfing on all points of sail, whilst learning the skills to use the harness

Stage 4

Increase your confidence blasting around in your harness, tacking, gybing and getting in the footstraps

Learn to foil

Our courses will enable you to progress from your first foiling take off, to sustaining flights and entering the world of foiling transitions. To feel the amazing feeling of flight, you'll need to be able to sail confidently in the harness and footstraps

First Flights

An introduction to the concept of foiling, the equipment and all the knowledge you need to 'take off' for the first time

Sustained Flights

Gain the skills and confidence to sustain foiling, feel comfortable steering and maintain a good stance and ride height

Performance Flights

Control the foil with confidence in a wider range of conditions and unlock the knowledge and skills needed to sustain flight into tacks and foiling gybes

Learn to race

Progressing through the RYA racing courses will take you from complete beginner to experienced competitor. From mastering the skills needed to cross the start line with confidence, basic tactics and race strategy, to honing your skills and using the rules to your advantage, get ahead with RYA training.

Start Racing

A course for complete beginners, wishing to start racing. Build your confidence and general racing knowledge by gaining the skills needed to race around a course in a small fleet

Intermediate Racing

Learn how to sail more efficiently around a course, using the rules to your advantage. More information coming soon...

Advanced Racing

Hone your skills, tactical awareness and strategic knowledge to competitively race around a course in a large fleet. More information coming soon...

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With more than 100 different titles to choose from, there’s an RYA book, eBook or audiobook for every age, interest and ability. Visit our webshop for course books and a range of supporting titles.

Young boy stood on windsurfing board holding sail. Female instructor stood behind him, helping.

Our Youth Windsurfing scheme is perfect for getting young people started in windsurfing. Find out more about further opportunities for under 16s to get afloat.