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Learn to race

Learn to race with the RYA

Fancy a go at racing? Completion of the Stage 1 course will put you at the right level to begin the Start Racing course.

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Start Racing

A course for complete racing beginners

Intermediate Racing

Compete at regional meets, with a rounded understanding of pre-, during and post-race knowledge

Advanced Racing

The highest certificate in the racing scheme. Students on this course should be regular, experienced racers

Assumed knowledge No prior racing knowledge is required, but students must hold a Stage 1 certificate from the youth windsurfing scheme or Start Windsurfing from the National Windsurfing Scheme One or two seasons racing experience at club or regional level Two season or more experience at regional or national
Course content Building general racing knowledge: racing information (courses, rules, starting, tactics and strategy), pre-race preparation (equipment, health and fitness) and racing techniques (starting, developing speed, turning and tactic strategy) Using rules to your advantage, gaining advantage on the start line, enhanced tactics and strategies, and pre-race preparation. How to use your equipment efficiently round the course, recognising windshifts, mark rounding and covering the opposition A high level of racing knowledge (rules, starting, tactics and strategy), pre-race preparation (equipment, health and fitness), mental preparation and techniques (starting, developing speed, pumping, turning, tactics and strategy)
Ability after course On completing Start Racing, you will have basic knowledge in racing rules, courses, tactics, pre-race preparation and racing techniques. Providing you with the practical skills to race around a course in a small fleet and understand the starting procedure and course configuration The knowledge and practical experience gained on this course will enable you to race around a course, make race decisions based on rules and strategy, with an awareness of other competitors An advanced racing certificate shows you have the skills to prepare yourself for, and race around, a course in a large fleet, making decisions, using rules, tactics and strategy, both in regards to your own sailing and that of the fleet
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