Youth Training Fund Bursaries

Details of the bursaries and grants available in the London and South East region.

Young talent across the RYA London and South East region is receiving aboost thanks to Performance and Coaching Bursaries from the regional Youth Training Fund Charity (YTFC). The awards are intended to provide modest financial assistance to support either a sailor’s ongoing efforts to fulfil their recognised potential or a coach’s activities towards the developmentof their talent and coaching ambitions.


Performance Bursaries: for promising young sailors up to the age of 15 on 31 December in the year of the award.

Applicants should have demonstrated potential by way of achievements inevents such as Youth or NSSA Nationals, RYA ranking events or by selection for teams representing GBR at international level

Coaching Bursaries: for young sailors up to the age of 23 on 31 December inthe year of the award with a minimum age of 18. The award funds arecipients to attend a RYA Race Coach Level 2 course. Applicants should have shown the capability and enthusiasm to contribute to the sport interms of support to their fellow sailors.

The number of awards is limited each year and for London and South Eastregion the YTFC trustees have decided to award:

Up to 15 performance awards of £200 each and

up to 14 Coaching Bursaries to fund participation in RYA Race Coach Level 2courses

The YTFC will also provide coach recipients support with travelling costsup to £40 for attendance at a RCL2 course at the trustees' discretion. Inreturn for the YTFC grant support, recipient are expected to return to their clubs or other association or regional events to assist with ongoing coaching or training, and pass on their experiences and enthusiasm to help inspire others.

Dave Ellis, RYA YTFC Chair, says: “The YTFC has for many years provided hire fleets to encourage young sailors in the London and South East Region.To supplement this, the Trustees provide ‘Youth Bursaries’ to encourage young sailors to develop their sailing to their next level, or to continueand give back to their sport by coaching others. There is much talent within the region and these bursaries may help such talent realise their dreams.”

Full details of the bursaries and how to apply are available at this link. The closing date for applications is 31 October each year.