RYA Cymru Wales Strategic Plan


Gyda’n Gilydd ar ein Dyfroedd - Together on our Waters

Welsh waters belong to all of us. Our sport allows us to explore and enjoy these bendigedig, places. Not everyone can access these special spaces. Our sport can provide the keys to unlock the opportunity for more people, from more diverse backgrounds to get on, and enjoy the water more often.

This is our vision Gyda’n Gilydd ar ein Dyfroedd - Together on our Waters 

We want to be a connected, inspired and inclusive Welsh sailing and boating community.

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Strategic Framework

Our strategic framework sits at the heart of our ambitions and work. A virtuous cycle of getting on the water, staying on the water and giving back.

This cycle already exists. Our aim is to make it bigger and more effective.

Simple as this approach may appear, there are numerous barriers and challenges to be addressed if we are to succeed.

We have developed our frameworks to be easy to use and to engage with at any level. Our ambition is for everyone in our sport to consider; what are you doing:

  • to get more people on to the water?
  • to encourage people to stay on the water and take part regularly?
  • to give back?

What could your club, class or centre do? What help do you need?

Let us know.

RYA Cymru Strategy

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Our future is uncertain and the very waters we enjoy are under threat. We know we face the dual threats of the climate and nature emergencies. We know society is also facing wider challenges including health and wellbeing and impacts from the cost of living.

It is right that we play our part to secure a sustainable future for coming generations. Whilst out direct impact may be small, we can lead and inspire much bigger change.

To do this we will champion The Green Blue activity in Wales, and embrace the Well-being of Future Generations Act and the UN Sustainable Development Goals