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Training Centres

Information for RYA Training Centres in Wales

Each year over 165,000 people take an RYA training course through our network of over 2,500 RYA recognised training centres with around 70 in Wales. Our courses are highly regarded worldwide due to the high standards maintained by our training centres and instructors.

RYA Cymru Wales manage the inspections of the Recognised Training Centres across the nation, these are performed by our team of inspectors. Allocations for inspections are normally arranged around March each year, the inspector for your centre will be in touch with the Principal of the RTC.

If you are a Principal and you have any questions around the process please contact Ruth Iliffe

As a Principal it is your shared responsibility to ensure that your RTC receives its annual inspection.

Thinking Of Running A Training Centre

Our courses are highly regarded worldwide due to the high standards maintained by recognised training centres and our instructors.

How to Apply

The Principal of an organisation may apply for RYA recognition once they are satisfied that they comply in a range of areas.

Keeping Your Centre Current

Find out any notices and changes to guidance at the RTC support hub.

Role of the Principal and Chief Instructor

To comply with these Recognition Guidance Notes (RGNs) the Principal and Chief Instructor must fully understand their. The same person may fulfil both roles.


Find out what you need to know prior to annual inspections and how to prepare.


Application fees are payable at the time of submitting an application for recognition. Recognition for the 2021/22 season will run from 1 February 2021 to 31 March 2022.

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