WOW Personal Pathway

The WoW Personal Pathway launched in Feb 2021 is an extension to the WoW Programme.

 We are hoping to grow a vibrant community of coaches, instructors, officials, volunteers and increase the participants skills/knowledge and confidence within boating.

The personal pathway means it can be personal to the participant – RYANI will organise webinars/workshops and it is the participants choice if they wish to grow their skills within that area.

It is a flexible programme that works for both RYANI and the participant. We currently have over 20 participants within the pathway.

The pathway includes webinars/workshops by a role model/inspiring story/personal journey which we believe would massively benefit and steer the group towards finding out what they would like to do and the pathway to do it

The focus for RYANI is to provide the participant the opportunity to get more experience using their new qualification and so being in contact with both club and participant to create those opportunities is where we can support both.

Providing these opportunities will hopefully create an active and sustainable workforce within the boating community.

Entries are currently closed but if you are interested in getting involved within this pathway please complete this form -