High Performance

RYA High Performance

RYANI High Performance Support


“To develop athletes who are well prepared for long term, International and Olympic level pressures and who have the attributes to win medals at this level”


Support is given to recognised High Performance sailors on the RYANI Performance Pathway to gain additional domestic support to best develop in line with World Class standards and ultimately help achieve the Vision. Support will be provided through the RYANI High Performance Coach and services of the Sports Institute Northern Ireland.

Support is limited to a small number of identified High Performance sailors based on criteria that ensures additional resources are directed to those most likely  and go on to win medals at international Olympic level.

Support Levels

Levels and areas of support will depend upon resources available, numbers invited and the level of sailor (Youth, Developmental or Olympic).  Support levels will be agreed in advance and these will be reviewed with SINI annually. Sailors may be invited to attend RYANI arranged High Performance Training as a Training Partner.  

Invited sailors will gain access to: 

  • Strength and Conditioning;
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Lifestyle
  • Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Performance Analysis


Sailors are expected to commit to the agreed programme of support and to plan support around other commitments throughout the year.

High Performance Support Policy

Athlete Investment Programme

The SportNI Athlete Investment Programme provides essential financial support to eligible organisations enabling their talented sports people to achieve their full potential.

It aims to “improve performance through investment in athlete training and competition.”

RYANI applies for funding to SportNI based on Performance Standards met by athletes who show most potential on the Olympic Pathway. The standards set a minimum performance standards to be met to be considered:

Sailing Standards

Sport Northern Ireland will be undertaking a review of athlete investment during 2015. This will inform how Sport Northern Ireland will fund athlete development post April 2016.