RYANI Youth Championships 2021 and Schools Cup

Class Results

29er Class Overall

ILCA 4 and ILCA 6 Overall

Optimist Overall, Topper 4.2 Overall, Topper 5.3 Overall

RYA Northern Ireland Youth Championships overall

 Title Name Class   Club
 Female Junior Champion  Katie Brow  Topper 5.3  BYC
 Male Junior Champion  Bobby Driscoll  Topper 5.3 RNIYC 
 Female Youth Champion  Ellen Barbour  ILCA 6 CAYC 
 Male Youth Champion  Daniel Palmer  ILCA 4  BYC
 Northern Ireland Schools Cup Winners  Larne Grammar School  
Northern Ireland Club Trophy Winners  Ballyholme Yacht Club  
 Junior Champion overall  Bobby Driscoll  Topper 5.3  RNIYC
Youth Champion overall  Daniel Palmer ILCA 4   BYC