Pioneer Project

The Pioneer Project is a collaborative volunteer project to increase the activity of women within the sailing community.

We are privileged to take part in a sport where recreational participation and competition is not bias towards a specific gender, age or level of physical ability. One of RYA Scotland’s four values is Inclusivity. This lies at the forefront of all activity within Participation and Development, Coaching and Qualifications or Performance. 

RYA Scotland is passionate about existing within a healthy community which promotes physical activity and mental wellbeing. Figures tell us that women and girls are less likely to participate in physical activity from the age of 13 onwards. RYA Scotland want to ensure this figure is not reflected within the sailing and boating community in the future. 

To create a more diverse sport, RYA Scotland cannot make this difference alone. We need to collaborate with others who have the drive and determination to explore ideas and opportunities to increase the activity of women within the sailing community. Welcome to the Pioneer Project…  

The Pioneer Project has been in development with members active in clubs and centres. Let us introduce you to the team: 


Sarah Green from Prestwick Sailing Club

Emma Hepplewhite from Sailingfast, Paddlefast and Loch Lomond Sailing Club

Alice Patterson from Castle Semple Sailing Club

Roisin Fleming from Port Edgar Watersports

Ann Roy from Helensburgh Sailing Club and Clyde Cruising Club

Zoe Robinson from Cove Sailing Club 

Oban Duncan from Sailing and Cruising Scotland and Lancashire Powerboat racing club

Robyn Francis from Dundee Sailing Club

Amy Graydon - Commercial Skipper Clipper Ventures

Alison McDermott from Isle of Bute Sailing Club

Jude Nicol from Clyde Windsurfing Club

Watch this space for more information and how you could get involved in future project and initiatives… 

If you want to inform us of something you are currently doing and you wish to share with our Pioneer Team please contact us via the office email: