Information on anti-doping from RYA Scotland

We promote clean sport and the Values of UKAD’s 100% Me programme.


Anti-Doping Rules

All activity in Scotland comes under the RYA anti-doping rules adopt and incorporate the World Sailing Anti-Doping Code and the UK Anti-Doping Rules. As a home nation we feed directly into the RYA’s Assurance Framework and working with sportscotland take the lead on Clean Sport Education for athletes in Scotland.


Who do the rules apply to?

The RYA anti-doping rules apply to anyone in the United Kingdom who has agreed (either in writing or by their conduct) to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing. Athlete Support Personnel, for example coaches, parents/guardians and physiotherapists, also have a number of responsibilities under the rules.


Principle of Strict Liability

Strict Liability means that as an Athlete you are solely responsible for anything you use, attempt to use, or is found in your system, regardless of how it got there and whether you had an intention to cheat or not.


Prohibited List and Anti-Doping Rules Violations

The Prohibited List which contains banned substances and methods is published at least annually and is available on the World Anti-Doping Authority website. There are eleven anti-doping rules violations, some of which also apply to coaches and other athlete support personnel. Bans may be applied to anyone found to be breaking the doping rules, whether deliberately or inadvertently.



Medications bought in the UK (and certain other countries) can be checked online against the current Prohibited List via the GlobalDRO website. More details on Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) and how to apply can be found on the UKAD website. Unless you are in a British Sailing Performance Squad or competing in specific international events as defined by World Sailing, you are not required to submit a TUE in advance of competition.


Use of supplements

All athletes should be cautious of any supplement they choose to take. Informed-Sport provides a list of batch tested supplements to minimise risk, but there is no guarantee that any supplement is free from banned substances.



UK Athletes can be tested at any time, any place by authorised Doping Control Officers from UKAD, World Sailing or Major Event Organisers such as the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. More information on the testing process can be found on the UKAD website.


Report Possible Doping

If you have any concerns about potential doping, please email the RYA anti-doping officer on the address below, or you can contact UKAD anonymously through the Protect Your Sport website.


More information

More information for Athletes, Coaches and Athlete Support Personnel is available on the UKAD website.


To contact the RYA Scotland anti-doping lead please email