Transition Programmes

RYA Scotland supports transitioning from Junior to Youth Classes (T1) and from Youth to Senior Classes (T2).

Transition Programme

Our transition programmes support sailors moving between different stages of the programme from junior to youth and on to competing at the senior level.


RYA Scotland aims to provide sailors with the very best support as they transition between junior and youth classes, and from youth to senior level. Each year in June we run a transition weekend which gives junior sailors the opportunity to try out the youth class boats and get input from the youth sailors, coaches and RYA staff, to help with the decision of what class to sail at the next stage. We encourage sailors to come along to this weekend from the age of 13/14 as generally we find that those sailors successfully transitioning to their youth class are sampling sailing a youth boat prior to aging out of their junior class. Most sailors get a significant amount of time sailing their youth boat in the final year of sailing their junior class which helps significantly through the start of their journey in their youth class.


This year the transition weekend will take place on 4/5 June 2022. At this stage the venue is TBC but we usually look to hold this event inland in a reasonably central location. Bookings will be available through the RYA Scotland BookWhen page from early summer.


Dependant on demand we would normally look to run some transition training across the summer for sailors taking the first steps in their youth class.


Matt and Kate are also available at other times to discuss individual transitions with sailors and parents, as the timeframe and route of each sailor is likely to be slightly different. One of the strengths of the Scottish system is the individualised approach we can take with each sailor.