October 2020


Well, don't know about anyone else but it feels like we are not sure whether we are coming or going. Things have once again changed with Covid-19 and the Scottish Government has asked us to be more vigilant at this time the bonus is that with some creativity, whilst following the new rules, most of us can still get out on the water.

In the past month there has been one completely new iteration of the RYA Scotland Club & Training Centre guidance (v3.6) with the main change being around the operation of multiple bubbles and the requirement to get permission at a Local Authority, Police and Environmental Health level if multiple bubbles are in place. Phew ! even typing that makes it seem like a long process, and we know it is, however we are trying to get names of who to contact in the Local Authorities and would recommend you start speaking to people locally if this is something that may affect you as it feels like this part of the Scottish Government & sportscotland guidance may be around for quite a while.

We've also had further measures put in place around hospitality (until 26th October) and local measures in the Central Belt (NHS Health Boards of Ayrshire & Arran, Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Lanarkshire, Lothians and Forth Valley) with no contact sport for 18yrs and over being allowed to take place for 16 days from 10th October. This effects the 'bubbles of play' for contact sport and whilst up to 30 people can still take part individually or with members of their own household (for double-handers and other boats) you need to be able to maintain 2m physical distancing at all times. We know this is frustrating around mixed crews for safety boats, keelboats and yachts/motor cruisers where the physical distancing can't be maintained. We've produced a shorter update around the changes and frequently asked questions that you can use to help your club see how the decisions affect your club and centre. If you have any questions about the current guidance, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

RYA Scotland AGM - Thursday 29th October 2020

Our AGM is going 'virtual' this October and shall take place online at 6pm. All members based in Scotland are encouraged to register their planned attendance with further information available here. This year there will be a separate 'ask the board' question session, with a number of the RYA Scotland board answering questions prior to the AGM itself. If you register for the AGM, you will also be sent details of the question session which shall take place online too.

Affiliated Club Conference - Saturday 21st November 2020

Things are really coming together in the planning of the Affiliated Club Conference (ACC) with a really full programme being led by our own Shirley Robertson! The online conference morning will consist of a number of sessions, including an interview with the CEO of the RYA (Sarah Treseder) and a session led by Ben Ainslie of Team INEOS. Throughout the weekend there will also be an online area with interactive stands that will offer access to a variety of RYA and RYA Scotland contacts including Legal, Racing, Training, Home Country Updates, downloadable resources and with bookable 1-1 appointments.

This is a new way for both the RYA and RYA Scotland to deliver a conference and the fact we are able to do so jointly, encourage conversation and discussion across the UK and follow up the day with a number of club development workshop streams is fantastic. Clubs can send several committee members, club officers and volunteers to this free conference. For further details and to book your tickets please see here. We look forward to seeing you on the day and in the weeks that follow.

RYA Census

Finally, we are once again looking for your help with the census for 2020! We have still got a little way to go until we reach our target for an 85% return rate. Lots of reminders have been sent out over the weekend, and we know that due to current challenges, that your attention may be drawn elsewhere but we would appreciate if you are able to now complete it!

We hope that all is well at your club and centre and we hope to see you soon. However, in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat or general check-in if we can help!

Take care and stay safe!

The Development Team, aka Robin, Jack & Liza