Instructor CPD


Continual Professional Development

Together we can continue to improve, maintain and develop our knowledge, ensuring we deliver the very best sessions. Whether you use your qualification or appointment in a voluntary or commercial capacity, CPD will accelerate your learning and sharpen your skills, whilst assisting your professional growth and career development. 

Instructor Gathering

This annual conference held towards the beginning of each year is a great opportunity to meet the RYA Scotland team, keep up to date with the latest news within instructing for both centres and sailing clubs. It is also a day full of CPD workshops with great learning opportunities to those new and old to instructing.


Club and Centre Visit Days – CPD

We hope to make CPD more accessible and cheaper for the volunteer coaches and instructors by visiting active clubs and running single day CPD programmes specifically targeted to the needs of the club. These clubs will be identified by them expressing an interest in hosting a day or by the RDOs who will advise on what the clubs needs are. These can also be organised by a group of clubs if they wish to host a day for all their local coaches or instructors. If you have a group of instructors that are looking at organising one of these days or an evening talk please contact

Benmore Trophy

A great way to celebrate a successful season on the water RYAS runs this regatta as a fun experience to all coaches and instructors who wish to join. A chance to meet your peers and share tips to progress your own sailing and teaching.



Pre Course Support

If you are looking to join a Senior Instructor or Race Coach Level 2 Course, or any other coach/instructor qualification, RYA Scotland looks to provide extra support to you to ensure you are in the best possible position to ensure you pass the course. This support will come in many forms whether it is advice, workshops to increase your knowledge or teaching skills or simply to improve your sailing. Please get in touch directly to access support.