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The information below is intended to provide answers to questions that come up regularly. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide and it has limited applicability. Please read the countries introduction to ensure that it is appropriate to you. The standard documentation a UK flagged pleasure vessel operating outside UK Territorial Waters should carry is detailed on the paperwork page.

UK Government travel advice

FCDO advice including information on permitted duration of stay and visas for Turkey:

Evidence of competence

For information on the validity of RYA certificates abroad see Evidence of Competence Abroad.

Evidence of competence is required. Turkey has not adopted Resolution 40 but for a UK flagged boat an ICC (valid for the vessel concerned) is generally acceptable and is recommended.

Turkish translations of many RYA certificates and their related course syllabus are available from the RYA website.

Standard entry and exit formalities

The Q flag should be hoisted and entry should be made through a recognised port of entry.

Transit log

Visiting yachts require a transit log, which must be surrendered on departure from Turkey.

Courtesy flag

The courtesy flag should be flown and should be in good condition.

Holding tanks

See holding tanks for information on the discharge of waste water.