Information for Marinas

Information for Marinas
14 Jun 16

Today’s leisure market is extremely competitive. Boating is competing against a huge range of sports and activities. In addition the cost of boat ownership in today’s financial climate can be a real challenge. 

With this in mind it is even more important that people make the best use and get the most value out of their boats. The RYA Active Marina Programme will help your berth holders do this.

Becoming an RYA Active Marina can help you to attract new customers and increase the number of annual berth holders, whilst helping to retain your existing customers.

By signing up to the RYA Active Marina Programme you will be providing services which are part of the assessment criteria for the TYHA Gold Anchor Award Scheme. This could result in your marina gaining a higher rating.

Requirements for becoming an RYA Active Marina:

  • All programmes should include a Marina, an RYA Recognised Training Centre (RTC) and wherever possible a Yacht Club and/or a Berth Holder Group or Association.
    An example of an Active Marina programme of events can be seen here
  • As an RYA Active Marina, the Marina shall promote a minimum of four events a year. The programme of events should include, but is not limited to; on-water or shorebased workshop training events run in conjunction with the RTC and a cruise / cruises combined with a social occasion.
  • Each event should have some form of social opportunity / activity whenever possible.

What to expect as an RYA Active Marina:

  • Livelier marina
  • Increased boat usage
  • Increased opportunities to let overnight and short stay berths
  • More prosperous yard and successful shore side services
  • Sustained and increased annual berth holders
  • More social interaction between your marina and your berth holders
  • Accreditation towards the TYHA Gold Anchor criteria

What the industry say:

"We are delighted to be part of the RYA Active Marina Programme. Working with the RYA, local training schools, yacht clubs and berth holder associations has enabled us to develop a programme of practical activities that help our berth holders and visitors to learn new skills, have fun and importantly stay safe on the water.

Looking forward we can see that the programme will thrive and grow in our marinas helping everyone to get more out of their boating"

Barbara Liddell - Head of Marketing, Premier Marinas Limited. 

Further examples of the programme's sucess can be found in The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) Fore & Aft magazine. Links to these articles can be found on the right hand side of this page.

To find out more about your marina becoming involved with the programme please contact Gareth Brookes