Information for RYA Training Centres

Information for RYA Training Centres
15 Jun 16

Why should RYA Training Centres get involved?

Today’s leisure market is extremely competitive. Boating is competing against a huge range of sports and activities, in addition the cost of boat ownership in today’s financial climate can be a real challenge.

With this in mind, it is even more important that people make the best use and get the most value out of their boats. The RYA Active Marina Programme helps berth holders do this and RYA Training is an essential element in helping to achieve this.

What can you expect by being involved with an RYA Active Marina?

  • Promotion of your courses and services through direct marketing to berth holders.
  • New revenue streams (including workshops, cruises and racing).
  • Increased demand for Own Boat Tuition, practical and shorebased courses, and other training from within your local marina.

How does the RYA Active Marina Programme work?

For further information on the programme please watch the Introduction to the RYA Active Marina video.

So whether it’s a refresher / taster covering the skills needed the most, or a specialist workshop addressing the challenges which are holding them back, the RYA Active Marina Programme workshops are aimed at increasing confidence and competence of berth holders and consequently increasing boat usage.

You can view examples of possible workshops previously undertaken by RYA Training Centres and a sample of an RYA Active Marina Programme of events