Club and Centre Facilities

Advice and resources for improving the environmental performance of your club or centre. Most can also be applied at home.

The Issue

Clubs and their members are increasingly aware of the need to make their facilities more sustainable, both from an environmental protection perspective and for the long-term benefits to the club. The latter include potential cost savings, greater resilience to climate change, and the attraction of new members who have a greater concern about these issues. Many clubs have similar issues - intermittent use and, for dinghy clubs, high hot water demand for showers when the club is in use.


The Green Blue has a sample club environmental policy and a checklist that can be used to assess club facilities and to generate an action plan to improve their sustainability.

More detailed information on various aspects of sustainable facilities is on the following pages:

Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy demand is usually the cheapest and best way to start on your environmental improvements

Heating and Hot Water

How you heat your building and your hot water has a significant impact on carbon emissions. Here we consider heat pumps and solar water heating.


Renewable energy systems for your site.