Resource Efficiency

Advice on saving energy and money on your boat.

From solar panels to wind turbines, LED light bulbs to bio-fuel, there are plenty of easy and practical steps you can take to save energy whilst out and about on your boat or at home waiting for a storm to pass!  Not only would you be saving energy but in the long term you will be saving the pennies too.  

Global warming is now an accepted fact by some of the world’s leading scientists so sea level rise and more extreme weather conditions will have a significant effect on the recreational boating community.  Increased flood risk may mean loss of some waterside facilities, damage to existing facilities and an increase in insurance prices. 

This may all sound like doom and gloom but everyone does have a responsibility to cut their emissions and even the smallest change in your behaviour can help you save money whilst contributing to protecting the environment.

The Green Blue website has a wide variety of information and also some really easy tips and advice for you to try either whilst aboard your boat or at your sailing club or training centre. You can also find out more about specific ‘environmentally – friendly’ products by visiting the Green Directory where you will find information on a wide range of products which will help you reduce your impact on the environment.