Flooding and Coastal Change

As an island nation the UK has long been affected by flooding, both coastal and inland.

Most RYA clubs and training centres are near water in the form of rivers, estuaries, lakes or the sea. Clubs are at risk of flooding from these water bodies, and from other sources such as surface water, sewers and groundwater flooding.

The risk of flooding to properties and clubs is increasing, and it is important to take measures to prepare for such events. You can find out whether your property of club is at risk of flooding, with further information available from the Flood Guidance website. Small but effective steps can be taken to help protect against potential flood events and reduce the amount of time it takes to get back on the water. Guides are available from the Environment Agency to prepare properties and businesses for flooding, and flood-plan guidance is available from the Environment Agency, and the Flood Guidance website. Advice is also available on what to do if you are at immediate risk from flooding. The Government flood information service is a useful starting point for finding out current flood information.

Climate change together with the associated risks derived from sea level rise, changes in rainfall and storm conditions can increase the potential for flooding and coastal erosion. To alleviate risks, statutory agencies, such as the Environment Agency, and local authorities may construct flood defences and coastal protection works. Alongside protecting properties, these can pose challenges to existing club sites, particularly in maintaining access to the water.  

To help clubs understand the risks from flooding and the steps they can take to be prepared for flooding, the RYA has produced a briefing note on Flood Risk Management. This outlines types of flooding, provides guidance on preparing for flooding, what to do during and immediately after a flood, and information on longer-term flood recovery, including links to relevant flood maps, flood warning services, and help in creating flood plans.

Information is available from the Environment Agency on their programme of flood and coastal erosion risk management schemes, local schemes and strategies to manage flood and coastal erosion risk in England, and River and coastal maintenance programmes. You can check their map for locations of coastal erosion defences and shoreline management practices. Shoreline Management Plans, developed by Coastal Groups describe how your stretch of shoreline is most likely to be managed to address flooding and erosion. Flood Risk Management Plans set out how Risk Management Authorities work together with communities to manage flood risk, covering flooding from main rivers, the sea and reservoirs. 

If your club has any concerns over a new flood defence or coastal protection proposal then please contact us at: environment@rya.org.uk.