RYA Guides to the Planning System & Environmental Regulations

RYA Guides to the Planning System and Environmental Regulations

The RYA have created guides to help clubs navigate the planning process to carry out work more easily.

When planning to do works, it is important that clubs and waterside facilities identify the relevant development and environmental consents needed. It is also necessary to think about the process to be followed including timescale, costs and what supporting information is needed to optimise your prospects. 

Every development proposal and sailing facility is unique, each government agency does things differently, and each local authority has its own particular policy approach to issues. In other words, the planning process is a minefield and there is a lot to consider when putting together a planning application.

The complexity of the consenting process can often put people off so the RYA, together with Town Planning Services, has put together a set of detailed guides that should act as a one stop shop to take you through the planning process in the UK. Specifically tailored guides have been developed for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so that you can be sure to get advice that is relevant to your country. Available only affiliated clubs and training centres, the guides cover the main areas of the planning process that are likely to affect you and your works.

RYA Guides to the Planning System and Environmental Regulations are available to clubs through Club Zone

For further support email: planning@rya.org.uk