The Green Blue

The Green Blue is the joint environment programme developed by the RYA and British Marine. Launched in 2005, its mission is to promote a sustainable leisure marine sector in the UK.

The Green Blue is the joint environmental awareness programme created by the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine. Established in 2005, its mission is to promote sustainable boating for cleaner, healthier waters. 

As a boating community we enjoy getting out on the water and experiencing the beautiful environment around us. We therefore play an important role in helping to protect our marine and inland waters to safeguard the wildlife and habitats with which we share our boating environment.


Our Aim:

To inspire sustainable recreational boating for cleaner, healthier waters by:

  • Identifying and raising awareness of key environmental issues
  • Providing tailored information, guidance and an array of resources to support recreational boating in adopting and sharing best practice
  • Delivering environmental awareness talks, presentations, workshops, event stands, educational activities and instructor training
  • Discovering and raising awareness of more environmentally sustainable products and services
  • Working closely with government agencies and bodies such as DEFRA, Natural England and the Environment Agency
  • Developing partnerships and projects with other organisations, trusts, charities and businesses.

For more information visit The Green Blue website.