Mandatory equipment for Class XII Vessels

It is compulsory for Class XII vessels to carry Life-Saving Appliances and Fire Protection equipment.

Class XII vessels are pleasure vessels of 13.7m (approximately 45ft) in [registered*] length and over.  

* if a boat is registered this will be the length as shown on the certificate of registry. If a boat is not registered, length is measured from the forepart of the stem to the aft side of the head of the stern post or, if no stern post is fitted the fore side of the rudder stock at the point where the rudder passes out of the hull.

Class XII vessels are required to comply with the following regulations:

  • Merchant Shipping (Fire Protection: Small Craft) Regulations 1998; and 
  • Merchant Shipping (Life-Saving Appliances For Ships Other Than Ships Of Classes III To VI(A)) Regulations 1999

Complying with the Merchant Shipping legislation can prove impractical and there is a possibility of conflict with the Recreational Craft Regulations (RCR). To resolve this there are three Exemptions to the Merchant Shipping Regulations.  If owners of Class XII vessels opt to comply with one or more of these Exemptions, they do not need to comply with the underlying regulations to which they relate. 

The RYA has outlined details of what is necessary to comply with the Exemptions:     

This information should be read in conjunction with Marine Guidance Note (MGN) 599.