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No, the RYA SafeTrx Android application is not available on extra-large screens such as tablets devices.

Data usage will vary according to the distance travelled and several factors such as the coverage, operating system, device type, mobile network used, Journey Logging etc. It also varies between Sail Plan mode and Track Only mode, and whether you are moving or stationary.

Where the RYA SafeTrx app experiences loss of cell coverage, it stores the trip location points on the smartphone. Once a signal becomes available again, it sends the backlog of stored trip information to the server and resumes posting trip information in real time

If you think that mobile phone reception may be intermittent on your trip, then use Track Only mode – it will still assist HM Coastguard if help is needed.

Ofcom has a mobile coverage checker app that may be useful when deciding to log a Sail Plan or not.

The RYA SafeTrx ‘Call for Help’ distress screen includes the option to send a photo of an incident or sighting. Tapping the camera icon will give you the option of using the camera to capture a photo or use an existing photo from the phones photo library

When the Emergency call options are pressed on the SafeTrx mobile app, the app will determine the boater’s current location using location services on the device and will call 999 within the UK.

To delete your account in the app, just go to My profile and press the Delete Account button at the bottom of the screen. Then confirm your choice. All your data, including your Trip history, will be deleted after 72 hours. If you do not use the app and only have an account registered on the RYA SafeTrx website, please send a request to delete your account to

RYA SafeTrx website

For users who do not want to use the app, there is the option to register an account and vessel details online via the RYA SafeTrx website.

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