RYA SafeTrx Features

Sail Plan mode

Records a starting point, a destination, and an estimated time of arrival (ETA). It sends SMS messages to your emergency contact(s) if you exceed your ETA.

Track Only mode

Choose from continuous, 5-minute, 10-minute or 30-minute recording intervals to save on battery consumption when your tracking is in progress.


  • Find nearby ports, their locations and contact details.
  • Access VHF channel information for your planned route.
  • Get familiar with lifeboat station locations for your planned route.
  • Check UK Met Office sea area forecasts for your waypoints and destination.
  • Check daily tidal information through the UKHO Admiralty EasyTide service.

Safety information and checklists

  • Check the ‘Safety Information’ section for guidelines on: Equipment for UK Pleasure Vessels, Life Saving Signals, Levels of Buoyancy in Personal Flotation Devices and SOLAS Regulations for Pleasure Craft.
  • Equipment and safety checklists for all types of craft helps you better prepare for going on the water. Set up your checklists directly from the app.
  • Review the various types of buoys as prescribed by IALA’s Aids to Navigation.


  • VHF channels while out on the water based on your current location.
  • Receive maritime safety messages and marine notices through the RYA SafeTrx app and SMS messages.
  • Activate an emergency call to 999 without an active trip. When in UK waters, the app will automatically determine your location and direct the call to the UK emergency services.

Your profile and trip history

  • Manage your profile, vessel, checklist, and emergency contact information within the app.
  • Keep a clean record of trips in ‘Trip History’ with the option to delete individual trips on the app.


RYA SafeTrx App

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RYA SafeTrx FAQs

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RYA SafeTrx website

For users who do not want to use the app, there is the option to register an account and vessel details online via the RYA SafeTrx website.