Information on using RYA Trademarks.

The RYA's name, trademarks and reputation are important assets that also have considerable commercial value. Companies and other organisations are respectfully reminded not to seek or imply RYA approval or endorsement for their goods, services or policies so as to increase their market appeal and/or credibility, by unauthorised use of the RYA's name and/or trademarks.

RYA trademarks must not be used by third parties without the execution of a trademark licence. Authorisation for trademark use comes only from the Marketing department of the RYA, rather than RYA regional representatives or other departments. If in doubt, please consult the Marketing Department.

The following terms are RYA trademarks

Registration Number Trademark Type Date of Registration
1522964 RYA Stylised Word 29.12.1992
1523699 RYA Device & Word 08.01.1993
2194099 SWALLOW Word Only 09.04.1999
2194100 SQUIB Word Only 09.04.1999
2194104 SONATA Word Only 09.04.1999
2194105 ALBACORE Word Only 09.04.1999
2194106 SOLO Word Only 09.04.1999
2194108 FIREFLY Word Only 09.04.1999
2194110 GRADUATE Word Only 09.04.1999
2194111 HORNET Word Only 09.04.1999
2194113 MERLIN-ROCKET Word Only 09.04.1999
2194115 SCORPION Word Only 09.04.1999
2194125 SHEARWATER Word Only 09.04.1999
2194126 UNICORN Word Only 09.04.1999
2273556 YACHTMASTER Word Only 26.06.2001
2328035 RYA Device & Word 29.03.2003
2383665 RYA SAILABILITY Word Only 04.02.2005
2383666 RYA Sailability Device & Word 04.02.2005

Additionally, The distinctive RYA tickmark logo:

Tick mark logo
is registered in the US Patent and Trade Mark Office as a service mark of Royal Yachting Association.