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Joining Point

RYA Joining Point - Making Membership WorkRYA Joining Point rewards organisations for promoting RYA membership by awarding them a commission for each membership recruited.

We have found that many club members believe they are automatically members of the RYA when they join an RYA affiliated club and are missing out on the Rewards & Benefits individual membership has to offer.

Why Promote Membership

When you join the RYA you add your voice to over 112,000 members helping to ensure boating interests are represented. Membership supports the RYA in lobbying and campaigning on critical issues including safety, access and freedom to go afloat, so the more members we have the stronger our voice in fighting unnecessary legislation. Membership fees are also reinvested to support sport and club development and develop future talent.


What is Joining Point?

The RYA Joining Point programme was set up as a way to reward RYA affiliated clubs, recognised Training Centres and marine organisations for introducing RYA membership to their customers.

Each Joining Point is allocated a unique Joining Point code so that when one of your customers signs up to RYA membership the origin of each new member can be tracked back to the right organisation and commission can be calculated and paid to each organisation registered.  

Commission is paid every quarter for each new  RYA member recruited through Joining Points on the following basis:

  • £10.00 for each new Family Membership
  • £7.50 for each new Adult Member
  • £5.00 for each new Under 25 Member
  • £2.50 for each new Under 18 Member

To apply to become a Joining Point simply fill out the online application form you will receive a email confirming your unique Joining Point Code.

How To Promote Joining Point

To help promote the scheme, we have a suite of marketing materials available to you to use. you can choose the materials you want and these will be delivered to an address of your choosing free of charge.

Material available include:

  • A variety of A4 and A3 Poster (can be tailored with your organisations name)
  • Window Stickers
  • Membership Application forms prefilled with your joining point code
  • membership leaflets
  • membership leaflet holder
  • Drink Mats
  • Quick Reference Guides - Your guide to earning money for your organisation with joining point

How do your members Join?

Your members can join the RYA and ensure your organisation earns commission, one of the following ways:-

  • Online visit Under reason for joining select joining point and then enter the organisations unique Joining Point code.
  • Call the Membership team on 023 8060 4159 and quote the organisations unique Joining Point code.
  • Complete the membership form prefilled with the organisations unique Joining Point code, seal and post.

If you are already a Joining Point and registered on the web 2 print portal you can order more material using the following links:-

Clubs -

Training Centres/ Marine Organisations -

if you haven't registered on the web 2 print portal please email

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