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Berth Holder Associations

As the collective is often more powerful than the individual the RYA has developed the concept of Berth Holder Associations which encourages individuals to come together to represent the interest of marina based boat owners.

This section of the site therefore looks at the possibility of setting up a Berth Holder Association at marinas in the UK, explains how to get started and provides some useful template documentation.  Berth Holder Associations can play an integral role in improving facilities and services at marinas. 

Setting up a Berth Holder Association

Berth Holder Associations have been formed at many marinas around the UK. In addition to the important social side of their activities many of these groups have been successful in providing marina operators with suggestions and ideas for improving facilities and services.

Some examples of activities reported by Associations include:-

  • Arranging better use of marina facilities, such as:   More flexible lock opening times to accommodate rallies and events, Arranging group boat-hoist events to minimise costs  
  • Improving marina security - Association run "Pontoon Watch" schemes.
  • Finding solutions to “restrictive” trading issues  
  • Obtaining local supplier discounts for Association members  
  • Representing members views to local Harbour advisory groups
  • Organising cruising, social events, lectures and demonstrations.

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