Clubs and class associations are key to delivering training, racing and water access, providing an environment in which thousands of enthusiasts can enjoy our sport. 

A significant proportion of this country’s sailors and motor boaters regularly access their sport through the RYA’s network of 1500 affiliated clubs and associations; so, ensuring the continued support and development of clubs and associations is essential to the continuing popularity and growth of all forms of boating.  

Here we provide you with all the information you need about RYA affiliation, how affiliation can help support your club or association and the resources available to you, from club development and club management, to finances and legal matters.  

What is RYA affiliation?

When you affiliate to the RYA you become part of the RYA family, a community of like-minded clubs and associations working with the RYA to ensure the ongoing success and growth of club and class activity and all forms of boating across the country.

Your affiliation also supports the RYA’s work protecting your rights and freedoms on the water.

Why affiliate?

Affiliated organisations have access to a whole host of tools and resources, advice and guidance and exclusive benefits to help support club and class activities and future development.


As the National Governing Body for boating we work on behalf of the sport, recreational boaters and our affiliates in the following areas:


  • Promoting and Protecting Safe, Successful and Rewarding British Boating. Thanks to our lobbing government, boating was one of the first activities back on the water, after the first lockdown. Over the last year the RYA has support affiliated organisations with a wealth of advice and information and clear guidelines to support them and their members throughout the pandemic.


  • Information and Advice. To help your organisation succeed and assist you in running it effectively, efficiently, and compliantly.From taxation and governance, to risk assessment licensing, our experts are available to support you every step of the way. Since 2009 the RYA has supported affiliates in securing grant funding in excess of £11m.


  • Promotion and Communications. We provide participation and membership development programmes and the frameworks and support to help you promote your organisation.Our broad range of programmes and initiatives are easy to get involved with and are designed to help develop participation.


  • Racing Services. For those affiliates who organise racing we provide a plethora of services to assist them in attracting more racing participants and volunteers, retaining them in the sport for longer and making racing as enjoyable as possible.


  • Training and Development: We supply the training framework, standards, syllabus and development opportunities to deliver safe and successful boating for members to attract, train and retain new members and volunteers.


  • Affiliation Benefits. Enjoy access to exclusive discounts and savings exclusively for affiliates including club and classes insurance, safety boat packages and race officials insurance.


Affiliation Benefits
Club and centre support

Take a look at a sample of what Club Zone has to offer affiliated clubs

Information and advice

From legal advice, to support with environmental issues, the RA Affiliated Clubs benefit from a wide range of support

Promoting and communications

Take at look at how RYA Affiliates benefit from RYA communictions

Promoting and protecting

By affiliating organisations directly support the RYAs work

Racing services

Affiliated organisations benefit from a wealth of support in running racing

Training and development

Find out how volunteers, instructors, coaches and race officials amongst others who benefit from the broad range of development opportunities


Save money and volunteer time.....

Gallaghers Insurance

Take a look at Gallaghers specialist club insurance policy


The affiliation process is quick and simple. Find out more here

Let us answer any questions you have about affiliation