Affiliation fees


Affiliation fees are set according to an allocated “band”. Here you will find information on the fees that have been set for each band for 2021.

Affiliation fee bands are allocated according to the table below. This uses subscription income from full members to allocate each organisation into one of 11 bands. Each band is charged a fee which is also shown in the table. The fees and bands are reviewed annually to take inflation into account. We also have a separate band for certain commercial organisations and a zero fee band for Associations of Affiliated Clubs, and Forces Clubs etc. who are members of the relevant Umbrella Association.

The income from full members excludes income from membership categories such as youth/junior/cadet membership, overseas members, etc.

The RYA Affiliation subscription year runs from April to March. Invoices for affiliation fees are issued in March preceding the year to which they relate.

2021 Affiliation Fees

Band Membership income from Membership income to 2021 Fees
A £0 £3,300 £130
B £3,301 £4,900 £155
C £4,901 £6,800 £240
D £6,801 £9,500 £330
E £9,501 £17,300 £465
F £17,301 £28,400 £655
G £28,401 £44,300 £925
H £44,301 £66,600 £1,300
I £66,601 £98,400 £1,850
J £98,401 £143,800 £2,600
K £143,801 + £3,650
Other Commercial Organisation

We use the most up to date data we have on record for each organisation, in order to determine the subscription income from full members. In order to keep our information up to date, we periodically audit affiliated clubs to check they are in the correct band.

If you think your organisation is in the wrong band, we would be happy to audit to address any concerns. In the first instance, please contact Brigette Galvin in our membership department by e-mailing her or phone on 023 8060 4140.

You can set up a Direct Debit to pay these fees. To do so, please complete and return this form.

For full details of the benefits of RYA Affiliation please see our webpages on Why Affiliate to us?