Castle Semple stalwart recognised with Impact Award

Central to various aspects at the Lochwinnoch based club, Alan Falconer is being celebrated for the difference he's made over the years.
29 Apr 24
Alan Falconer / Castle Semple Impact Award

After years of hard work and dedication, Alan Falconer of Castle Semple Sailing Club in Lochwinnoch has been awarded with a RYA Scotland Impact Award. 

Designed to recognise commitment and contribution, Impact Awards are given to those who truly make a difference within the community.

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As a stalwart volunteer of the club for many years, Alan is a highly deserving recipient – having spent huge amounts of effort managing a fleet of 23 club boats, as well as significant time and energy on maintenance and repairs to make sure they are ready for others to sail.

Alan Falconer / Castle Semple Impact Award

Alan has also been a huge help to the cadets, giving up entire weeks of his time over the summer, as well as most Sundays to help teach the younger members of the club, all with great patience and a huge depth of knowledge.

The effect he has on the club was highlighted when Alan had to take some time away last year, due to health problems. During this period, the scale of the work that needed to be done to cover his understated contributions was immense.

In recognition of his efforts, Alan was offered an honorary membership of the club last year, which he subsequently declined so as to keep making a financial contribution.

Giving us another insight into Alan’s selfless nature and work at the club, Castle Semple Commodore Peter Collings said:

“Alan's always been a bit of an unsung hero. He's one of these people that you only really notice how much he's done when he isn't there to do it anymore.

“He needed to take a bit of a step back earlier this year and we realized just how much work he'd been doing keeping all the boats maintained and especially with cadets.

“Certainly he's made a major difference helping out with the youngsters, with the cadets, and has also spent a lot of time fitting out our new sail store and workshop.”

Alan Falconer / Castle Semple Impact Award

With past involvement as chairman at Clyde Windsurfing Club in addition to his involvement at Castle Semple – Alan truly loves being on the water, a passion he has worked hard to share with others through his volunteering.

Upon receiving his RYA Scotland Impact Award, Alan said:

“You know, when I think of all the trophies I have had in the past for sailing, this one - the fact that it's an impact I've made on sailing, it really is... well I’m kind of lost for words…

“I'm very, very pleased and thank you very much.”

Alan Falconer / Castle Semple Impact Award

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