Find your sense of adventure with the RYA Dinghy Cruising Trails

Dinghy sailors can be inspired to explore the British Isles with a new ‘Dinghy Cruising Trails’ initiative, launched at the virtual RYA Dinghy Show today (28 February 2021).

The initial six trails are at Ullswater, Largs, Rutland Water, Milford Haven, Brownsea Island and Hickling Broad with many more to come as the initiative progresses. All trails are under six miles and each trail has been selected because launching is free or available at nominal charge.

“We know this is the summer of the staycation and this is a fantastic low-cost way of using your dinghy with family and friends and whilst exploring our beautiful coastline and inland waters. Dinghies aren’t just about racing, it’s about discovering the great outdoors!” explains RYA Programmes Manager Michelle Gent.


Each trail comes with it’s own map and instructions including distance, safety, sailing times and launch sites. They are also packed with information, details of navigation or anchorage, who-knew- that facts, insider visits, wildlife spotting, and stellar views or best picnic spots and more! Some even link to the national curriculum.

“I’m imagining grandparents with children, families or young adults. I hope these trails will give people confidence to do something a bit different and experience some adventure” Michelle continues.


Just the beginning….RYA Dinghy Trails competition

The six published trails are just the beginning. The RYA is inviting dinghy sailors to submit their own dinghy cruising trail suggestions with the winning trail designed, framed and available to download on the RYA website.

“With so many miles of easily accessible water we know that people have their favourites spots and we’d love to hear them. We see this as a long-term project with the number and range of trails continuing to expand and we want you to be a part of it!” Michelle concludes.

Submit your dinghy cruising trail here before 31 March 2021.

Find more information about theRYA Dinghy Cruising Trails. For all enquiries contact