Your new adventure starts here! Our trails are designed to show you how to get the most out of your dinghy and enjoy a day on the water exploring some of our glorious countryside. All of our trails have used local knowledge so that you can get the best out of your day on the water. For the less experienced, along with some easier trails, we have a range of courses that will upskill your knowledge and help you gain confidence. The more experienced dinghy trailer can challenge themselves with some of our longer trips. We hope that you enjoy your days on the water - don't forget to let us know how you get on and if you have a trail that you would like to share some top tips, remember to fill in our form


Take a look at the wonderful waterways of the East of England

North west

From the Lakes to the some hidden coves, there is plenty of opportunity here in the North West

Northern Ireland

With beautiful scenery and great walks there is plenty to see and do on Northern Ireland's trails

South west

Explore this, at times, challenging coastline with your dinghy and you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters


Take a look at where your dinghy can take you next....


What more could you ask for on a dinghy trail, than stunning scenery and amazing wildlife. All of this and more is here in Scotland


With plenty of creeks, harbours and rivers to explore there is plenty on offer here in the south


Explore the coastline here and discover the unspoiled coastline, city centres and plentiful wildlife.

London south east

Get away from the hustle and bustle and discover the quiet corners of the south east


Use SafeTrx to let your loved ones know where you are, share you trip and keep you safe

Check out our top tips for enjoying your day on the water:

  1. Check the weather forecast.
  2. Make sure there is enough water on your trail. Take a look at Easy TideTide Times or Tides Chart 
  3. Look after your boat. Did you know that the two most common reasons for RNLI call outs are machinery & equipment failure?
  4. Wear the right clothing, being on the water is often colder than the shore and the sun is brighter and burns more
  5. Have confidence that others know where you are by signing up to RYA SafeTrx
  6. Consider how sunny weather may impact how busy car parks can get at peak times - if in doubt arrive early!
  7. Some of our more remote trails can be difficult to find using a postcode and SatNav. We have found using the What 3 Words free App really helpful when it comes to finding the more remote spots

The RYA runs a variety of courses which could help you enjoy your trails experience even more

Safety guidelines

Take a look at the 7 common senses of dinghy trails to help you have an enjoyable day

Wildlife guidelines

Top 7 tips for being Wildlife Aware on your dinghy cruise

We want to hear from you

If you have any questions, feedback or photos from the trails please get in touch.


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FTBG8H Views over Coniston Water, Lake District from eastern side, Cumbria, England

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