Dinghy cruising organisations

Why not join one of the many different associations to support your dinghy cruising

The following RYA Affiliated organisations are very similar to clubs but are more 'virtual' in nature. There are Class Associations who will be able to advise on the boat that you own as we all as other organisations who have a wealth of knowledge and experience on getting afloat. Many run events for new sailors, some overnight expeditions and holiday camps but all have a passion for getting on the water safely and sharing their knowledge.

Why not get in touch and let them help you take your dinghy cruising to the next level!

Cody Sailing Club

Discover the south coast with this virtual club which provides supported cruising from RYA level 2 and above

GP14 Class Association
Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association

Use the NSBA's Green Book for all you need to know about sailing around The Broads

Tideway Class Association
Wayfarer Class Association

Organised cruises in company, a family gathering week, training weekends and international events.

Wanderer Class Owners Association

Sailing with friends

Dinghy Cruising Association

The friendly sailing club fro dinghy sailors and their families with a sense of adventure

Drascombe Association

With over 1,000 enthusiasts and plenty of dinghy cruises organised there is plenty on offer with the Drascombe community


The association for gaff rig sailing with a small boats section and events programme, - Fun Afloat, Fun Ashore


If you are a UK organisation which actively promotes dinghy cruising and you would like to be part of this directory, please contact dinghytrails@rya.org.uk