Initial Easing of Restrictions in Wales

RYA Cymru Wales provides update to General Guidance for boating activity for Red Phase.
01 Jun 20

The Welsh Government hasannounced an ease to initial restrictions from today (1st June,2020), that has been welcomed by RYA Cymru Wales, the national governing bodyfor sailing, windsurfing and motor boating in Wales.

If your preferred form ofexercise or leisure is one that can only be undertaken in specific locations,this still needs to be carried out locally. Examples of this might includegolf, angling or watersports.  This isconsistent with current Welsh Government guidance on health, social distancingand hygiene.

Gerwyn Owen, RYA Cymru Wales CEOsaid;

“I was delighted to see theannouncement on Friday by Welsh Government recognise that more outdoor activitywas allowed including watersports. We all know the health and well-beingbenefits that our sport can provide, which can be done in line with socialdistancing and hygiene guidance.”

The increased ability to enjoyoutdoor activity will be welcomed by the boating community, and means that recreationalboating is now available, with those who have direct access to their boats mayuse them with members of their household, within five miles of their home.

Restrictions remain on someactivities and use of outdoor sports facilities will not be reviewed until June18th. All boaters are urged to check with their local facility and obtainappropriate permissions to launch from the relevant authority.

Gerwyn added: “Any kind ofoutdoor activity can be undertaken locally, which generally means within about5 miles of your home. However, it is recognised there are certain forms ofexercise which, though you start locally, may temporarily take you furtherafield. Our guidance is to boat within your ability, be aware of the weatherconditions and stay in familiar waters navigating in daylight hours.”

“We will always follow WelshGovernment advice, the COVID-19 preventative measures are vital to protectinghealth and well-being and to minimising pressure on front line services.  We have a collective and individual role toplay by following the Welsh Government guidelines.”

“We will, as a boating community,take a considerate and responsible approach. Whilst being considerate we are mindfulof the potential impact that we could have on other water users, localcommunities and do not place unnecessary extra strain on the RNLI and emergencyservices. We will need to be responsible to help to minimise risk by taking an extraconservative approach to our boating.”

Forthe full and latest guidance on returning to boating please visit our return toboating page.