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Updated 8th January 2020

Alert Level 4 Lockdown Guidance

Fersiwn Cymraeg

Following the is applicable to boating activities until further notice:

  • Organised outdoor activities not allowed - this has implications for Club and Centre activities
  • Organised indoor activities not allowed (limited to specific public and voluntary services)
  • Outdoor individual exercise and professional, elite and designated sports and training permitted
  • Organisations delivering either workplace learning or adult learning should continue with online learning
  • Community facilities, sports courts, golf courses, enclosed pitches to be closed; this includes Sailing Clubs and Training Centres

Level 4 has no end date and will be reviewed every three weeks. Therefore recreational boating activities will have to cease. 

Welsh Government Alert levels

General RYA Cymru Wales principles applying to all boating activity

1. Our guidance

Covid-19 preventative measures are vital in keeping you, your family and others safe and to minimise pressure on frontline services. The RYA Cymru Wales, alongside the RYA will continue to support the National effort to control the spread of Covid-19 and assist members of the RYA family with any variations that might develop at a local level.  We support the Government’s desire to return to normality in a measured way and we recognise that we have a role to play by providing guidance to the RYA community on the application of the 2020 Regulations.

2. Our approach is considerate and responsible

Considerate: be mindful of the potential impact that you could have on other water users and do not place unnecessary extra strain on the RNLI and emergency services.

Responsible: help to minimise incident and accidents by taking an extra cautious approach to your boating.

Our guidance on safe boating remains unchanged: know your limits; look after yourself; keep in touch and, above all, have a plan. As the restrictions are relaxed, we advise boaters to think about these factors.  The RNLI and the RYA have also worked in collaboration to produce joint safety guidance to help ensure that this summer is as safe as it can be.

  • Individuals should only take part on their own or with others if social distancing and good hygiene can be maintained.
  • Participants are encouraged to use their own personal equipment during this phase, or to have equipment allocated to them for exclusive use during a set period. This equipment should be cleaned appropriately before being allocated to another user.
  • Participants must only take to the water in conditions well within their ability and which assume a self-sufficient approach to their activity.
  • Check your equipment thoroughly, particularly engines and fuel, as they may not have been used for some time.
  • Consider using a device to keep in touch such as RYA SafeTRX on a mobile or carry a VHF and notifying someone ashore of your intended activity, anticipated time afloat and calling them when you are back ashore safely.

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