New Staff Join The Team

RYA Scotland welcome Robyn Phillips and Georgia Moran to the team.
05 Feb 21

With the support of additional investment from sportscotland, RYA Scotland has been able to create a long desired new role that will enable the facilitation and delivery of additional training and development opportunities at local level across the whole of Scotland.

Speaking about the new role, James Allan, CEO at RYA Scotland said, “We have known there is a need for this role for a long time. This support from sportscotland means we will be able to go out to support RYA training where it is needed and where in the past geography has made it difficult for people to come to a central location or there is no other viable provision. It’s a step change for our support to Clubs and Training Centres across Scotland.

Robyn has enjoyed a career as an RYA Instructor in North East Scotland. Formerly working with Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust where she was a Senior Instructor, running a range of courses for local clubs, schools and the local council including an innovative holiday project for local young people. Robyn also took on the volunteer role of Chief Instructor for Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club, helping to develop sailors across their two venues.

Robyn has also been the Head Topper coach for the Academy programme, providing race training for youth and junior sailors across the country and has seen the impact RYA Training has had on her and those she has taught or coached.


We have such a varied sport that the impact is huge! From getting an 8 year old who lives by the sea but couldn’t swim to learning to trust their buoyancy aid, gaining water confidence and new skills at a taster session right through to those gaining professional qualifications.”

“RYA training has allowed me personally to make friends, compete nationally and internationally; volunteer at my local club, follow a career in my favourite sport, sail across the Atlantic and a million other things!”

The Regional Development Officer (East) established a strong network amongst clubs and training centres and we welcome Georgia Moran who takes over in the role from Jack Mitchell.

Georgia originally studied music in Edinburgh where she became involved in the Sports Union through her hockey team. Two years working with student sports clubs developed her passion for the difference sport can make to positively change lives. Georgia led on equality and inclusion founding the women in sport group within Scottish Student Sport. Sailing as a sport will be new to Georgia and the team in Scotland are super keen to share their passion for getting afloat.


“Whilst studying I got involved with the Sports Union through my hockey team and my passion for sport development started there. I ran the hockey club for a couple of years, volunteered with our Sports Union and then worked my way up to being a Sabbatical officer for two years. This journey opened up so many doors within the sport sector for me that ultimately led me here!”

“For me the most important factor is definitely the community and social side of sport. I love playing all sports and I love the competitive element of it but the main thing that is important to me is that family feeling you feel when your part of a sports club.”

With the Vendee globe taking place we asked both Robyn and Georgia, if they were to sail around the world what would be the name for their boat be?

Robyn answered. “I would love to do a voyage on a boat like ‘Maiden’ as I prefer the idea of being part of a team than sailing solo. If I had to pick a name it would be Amazon”, as part of me as a kid always identified with the ‘Amazons’ in Swallows and Amazons, and that fearless female warrior name could work on a boat.” We thought it was pretty good for future sponsor opportunities as well!

After some careful deliberation Georgia named her boat after her love of music and her favourite place, ‘The Bluebird’ – Nashville. A class name that had us looking into some famous powerboats and superyachts as a result.

RYA Scotland welcome the new members in joining the team and we look forward to continuing to provide our support and connecting with the boating community in Scotland.

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