‘Off the Water’ returns for a deep dive into Cruising & General Purposes

The RYA Scotland podcast returns to hear about the cruising and general purposes committee to highlight some current opportunities for you to make an impact on the boating community in Scotland.
11 Jan 24
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Looking ahead to the 2024 season afloat, we’re pleased to be bringing you the latest episode of RYA Scotland’s ‘Off the Water’ podcast for some insightful listening as the nights get a wee bit lighter.

Tune in to hear our RYAS Communications team of Marc and Philippa highlight the various voluntary opportunities currently available, for a chance to get involved and add some real value to the Scottish boating community.

Off The Water Episode 22 - Cruising & General Purposes

With several of these positions falling within cruising, special guest and Chair of the Cruising & General Purposes committee Charles Bird is on hand to tell us more. Listen now to hear exactly what the committee do, what Cruising & General Purposes refers to, and more on the different roles up for grabs.

Covering a wide range of topics, the committee is devoted to protecting the interests of boaters here in Scotland, including increasing the visibility of hazards, promoting environmentally sustainable practises, and endorsing the use of older watercraft as appose to buying new.

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Reflecting on his own time on committee, Charles considers the experience incredibly fulfilling: “Without a doubt it’s hugely rewarding both in terms of expanding one’s own kind of knowledge and experience, but also the joy of meeting other people and getting out and about and talking to people who themselves have phenomenal amounts of expertise and experience, which then feeds back into ones own enjoyment of the activity itself.”

He’s urging those interested to get involved: “You’ll bring some value, but also you'll learn something. My advice would be just go for it. I think you'll find that actually, it's a very very rewarding experience.

“Are we allowed to say things are fun these days? I think so. I think it's great fun.”

For a deeper dive into the Cruising & General Purposes remit, listen to the full podcast with Charles now, and find out more about the roles available in our original recruitment article.

Inspired by Charles’s words?

Whether cruising is your existing passion, or if it’s participation and development or performance that’s more your speed, then there’s a relevant RYAS sub-committee making a real impact on boaters here in Scotland.

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Between roles on our three sub-committees, and two board positions, there are plenty tailored opportunities through which to share your expertise and add a new perspective to the team.

If you’re interested in giving back and bringing your insight to the table next year, then check out our recruitment information packs. 

Want to get involved?  Why not get in touch with Charles on ChairCGPC@ryascotland.org.uk and note applications must be in by midday 12th  February 2024.