Rob’s Round-up July 2023

The latest news from the SW Regional Development Officer
12 Jul 23
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You will have seen the launch of the new RYA strategy and branding recently, and I know many of you attended the launch webinar on 28 June. If you missed it, you can see the recording

For us, the new strategy is all about enhancing the best things that are happening in the south-west. Among other things, expect to see us focusing on female participation, and using on OnBoard to engage more people in our sports. We’ll be helping you to do even more of what you already do so well in these areas, bringing a wide variety of people, including non-dynasty sailing families, onto the water and giving them the opportunity to enjoy what we all enjoy so much.

Check your insurance!

I recently met with Gallagher Insurance, an RYA partner, and got some really valuable advice I’d like to pass on to you. 

First, with the current rate of inflation, it’s very important that you check that your club buildings are not underinsured. The cost of everything has increased a lot, and it’s possible, especially if it’s been a while since you had the club valued, that your insurance wouldn’t cover a rebuild. If you’re with Gallagher, talk to them about the online valuation system that they can link you into, and if you’re not, check with your own insurer now! 

Second, there has recently been a spate of powerboat engine thefts. The trend has changed – where before one engine would have been taken, now gangs are taking all the engines from an entire fleet of safety boats. It happened recently in the SW, London and the Midlands, on three consecutive nights, by gangs intentionally targeting sailing clubs. Please think about whether your security and locks are up to scratch, as prevention, but with these sorts of gangs on the rampage, it’s imperative that you also check that your engines are insured for the right value, so that you can replace them if you have to. And make sure you find out whether your insurance company would charge you a single excess fee, or one for each engine stolen, because that might make the difference between being able to afford replacements or not.

Practical Coach Development Day

This autumn the Coach Development team will be hosting one-day practical workshops called Connect with Coaching. These one-day programmes will be open to Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Race Coaches and will be an excellent opportunity for coaches to get some Race Coach development. 

They’re at Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre, Portland on 30 September and 1 October, they cost £35 and the booking deadline is Friday 09 September. 

I’ll be there and hope to see you.

Further information and the booking link 

Save the Date

I’ve been really busy planning the winter club support programme. Thanks to all of you who filled in the form I mentioned in last month’s blog – that’s definitely helped to shape this year’s Regional Conference, with some very exciting developments and a different look and feel. It will take place on Saturday 04 November in Taunton and lots more details will follow soon. In the meantime – keep that date free! 

Powerboat course procedures

Are your Powerboat Instructors up-to-date and do they fully understand what they should be teaching in terms of the current powerboat syllabus, specifically man overboard recovery

Please ensure that your course plans match the current powerboat syllabus, and that the teaching on the water at your club reflects that. And keep an eye out for the Training Notice about this that will be going out to all Club Principals soon.

Junior racing news from Regional Performance Manager, Duncan West

The Regional Training Group selection is now open for applications – find out more and apply

There is a windsurf RCL2 course on 02/03 September and a windsurf RCL3 course on 14/15 October, both at WPNSA. Find out more and book.  

RDO Rob Howlett  

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