Round the Island Race with RYA SafeTrx

Charles shares his SafeTrx experience
06 Jul 22

"I would strongly encourage people to use it” 

The RYA SafeTrx app is freely available to anyone who wants to be safer afloat. Find out how Charles and his sons got on during this year's Round the Island Race, accompanied by SafeTrx.

He said: “I see absolutely no reason not to use the app. It’s super simple and you’ve got your key contacts looking at it. For the sake of 30 seconds to download it and register, I would strongly encourage people to use it.” 

Easily accessible and simple to use

SafeTrx provides all recreational boat users, particularly dinghy cruisers, personal watercraft users and RIB users, canoers, kayakers, wind and kite surfers, and smaller boat users with an easily accessible and simple to use means to inform the HM Coastguard of their voyage plans and dynamic location in the event of distress.

Before heading off, it’s important to tell a friend or relative ashore (your emergency contact) about your plans and to make sure you have a suitable means of communication on board for routine messaging and emergency situations.

SafeTrx allows you to enter your plans and contact details directly from a smartphone knowing that should you not arrive by the time given, your nominated emergency contact will be alerted and advised to initiate appropriate action.

Where an emergency contact calls HM Coastguard about an overdue trip, the Coastguard will have access to the boater’s location and SafeTrx trip data through a secure SafeTrx server. This will help the Coastguard to get help directly to you, and quickly.

Download and use SafeTrx for free or check out our frequently asked questions