RYA Northern Ireland Women On Water: Sign up now

Try sailing and boating for the first time at RYA Northern Ireland’s Women On Water programme
08 Mar 24
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RYA Northern Ireland’s Women On Water Festival is approaching fast, promising sailing and boating opportunities to Women from all over Ireland.

This year, it will be taking place at Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club on 12 May and sign ups are open here.

The annual event is part of RYA Northern Ireland’s broader scheme, Women On Water, which aims to encourage more women into the sport. 

RYANI Club Coordinator Lisa McCaffrey was hugely enthusiastic about the benefits of the event saying: “You don’t have to have taken part in a Women On Water programme before. It’s just an opportunity for anyone to get out on the water and meet like-minded people who love nature and love being out on the water.

“Some people think that they can’t be out on the water and that they can’t sail but it’s so easy to do.

“My hope is that they meet people for life, that they meet sailor friends and that they join a club or buy a boat.

“You won’t know how to sail after the day but trust me you’ll want to.”

Women On Water events are the ideal starting point for women aiming to get involved in sailing or boating.

Lara Sunday was introduced to sailing at a Women On Water event at Donaghadee Sailing Club and has since competed in the GP14 World Championships.

She said: “I didn’t know anybody who sailed- it wasn’t in my world growing up.

“I asked a friend I worked with ‘Are there any courses’ and he mentioned Women On Water and that’s how I looked out for it.

“There was women from all over Ireland there (at Women On Water). Women who had been sailing their entire life and then newbies like myself- there was just a really nice mix.”

If you have a question about any aspect of our Women On Water festival, please get in touch with RYA Northern Ireland’s Active Club Coordinator, Lisa McCaffrey by emailing lisa.mccaffrey@rya.org.uk .