The performance pathway


There is no ‘one size fits all’ for young sailor development. Many of our most accomplished Olympians all having experienced a different journey to the top of the sport

To develop as a successful sailor you need to clearly identify the key milestones throughout the journey and what skills, behaviours and attributes are needed to help you achieve your end goal. Throughout your journey we work hard to develop a culture of leaving no stone unturned, setting clear goals for each step, and closely monitoring progress. This all begins with thinking of your end goal; start with the end in mind. This journey presents endless opportunities to learn about yourself as a person, an athlete, a competitor, a team member and as a developing sailor. The journey will also allow you to develop skills that are widely transferable to the world outside of sailing.


Key points to consider throughout your journey

Remember the process evolves

Development is an evolutionary process which means the route that each sailor takes will be different. There will be periods of transition, adjustment and stepping outside your comfort zone into the unknown. Reevaluating this journey along the way will shape your future and allow you to move forward with clear purpose.


Be prepared for set backs

Every sailor agrees that setbacks and failure happen. These could be due to performance outcomes, injury, selection, mistakes and exam breaks just to name a few. But every sailor will also agree that the setbacks and failures they experienced were important factors that continued their learning and development. Sailors who see these as opportunities are those who continue the journey with more knowledge and direction. Throughout the pathway, true failure is not about not achieving your goals, true failure is to stop learning or to stop trying.


There is more than one pathway

No journey is ever the same. The most important thing is that sailors make their individual pathway work for them.


BYS BST performance pathway diagram