The Crewsearch scheme aims to match suitable sailors with credible yacht and keelboat racing campaigns requiring crew.

Unlike some crew matching services, all sailors on the Crewsearch list have been assessed by experienced coaches and only those who achieve a required standard are included.

The sailors on the Crewsearch list include all the BKA sailors, as well as others who have attended our training and selection events. The latter group are often talented younger sailors who we have suggested need some more experience on a range of yachts before being in a position to make maximum use of the opportunities available through the Academy.

Sailors interested in being on the Crewsearch list should apply to the BKA.

Boat owners requiring crew are invited to send their requests to RYA Keelboat Development Manager, Jack Fenwick. Including details about you and your boat, the programme/events for which you need crew, positions required and any other information which might help us to meet your crewing needs.