Learn the rules

Whether you are your club's rules expert, a squad sailor or just want to know a bit more, the introduction to racing rules series will guide you through the racing rules to give you the best advantage on the race course.

Each episode is available on the RYA's YouTube channel as part of the Racing Rules playlist.

Series 1 - The rules of Part 2 'When Boats Meet'

Series 1 provides an introduction to the racing rules of sailing and covers the rules and scenarios you are most likely to come across on the race course.

 Title Content Presenter
Introduction Finding your way around the rule book. How do we decide which boat has right of way? Chris Lindsay
The Start  Does anything limit the right of way boat? Matt Goodbourn
The Windward Leg Revision of the right-of-way rules. Obstructions and hailing for room to tack.
Niall McLeod 
Marks Part 1  Marks, and who is entitled to mark room.  Chris Atkins
The Run When do I have to sail my proper course? Mark Rushall
Marks Part 2 Marks Masterclass  Jon Napier


Series 2 - The Disciplines

Series 2 focusses on the various disciplines and how the appendices of the Racing Rules of Sailing alter those rules which are covered in series 1.

Racing Rules Explainer

The RYA Dinghy Racing Channel on YouTube has a series of Racing Rules Explainers. These are short (less than five minutes) videos explaining how you can use the rules to your advantage on the race course.

Information on the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS), Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) and RYA Anti-Doping Rules