Racing Rules Guidance Book

A series of individual guidance notes providing in-depth guidance on a variety of subjects related to the racing rules.

The 26 guidance notes contained within the RYA Racing Rules Guidance Book are split into 3 chapters. General Guidance; RYA Rules Disputes Procedures; and Guidance Primarily for Race Officials.

All the guidance notes have been reviewed, and where necessary, updated to be compliant with the 2021-2024 RRS.

The Racing Rules Guidance Book is available as a PDF download by clicking the image above, through the integrated e-book within the World Sailing App, or through the RYA eBooks app.

Each of the guidance notes can be individually downloaded as a PDF and can be found, together with a range of other guidance from the RYA's Race Official Committees, on our Guidance & Good Practice page.

Change Log

December 2020

  • First publication of 2021 - 2024 edition.