Course diagrams

Clear communication is important to give sailors the best experience and many will rely on simple, easy to understand course diagrams.

World Sailing uses a system of assigning symbols to courses (course signals) which consist of letters and numbers. The number always relates to the number of beats that a competitor is to sail to complete that course.

Course designations

  • L - windward/leeward course with a leeward finish
  • I - an inner loop trapezoid
  • O - an outer loop trapezoid
  • M - a windward / leeward with a leeward finish with starboard mark roundings (commonly used for match racing)
  • A - course with an offset mark at the windward end
  • R - course with a reaching finish at the leeward end
  • X - course with non-standard finish

So an LRA2 course would be a windward / leeward course with an offset mark at the windward end and a reaching finish with two windward legs

Select the relevant course name to show and download it's diagram.

Flags are useful for teaching, creating timekeeping sheets and writing sailing instructions for children, youths and some club racing.