Race Officials Policies

Details of the policies and procedures that apply to RYA Race Official qualifications.

Race Officials Appointment Criteria 

Race Officials Competency Document

This document provides information on the process of becoming an RYA official, and states the competencies and qualifications required for successful appointment. There is a separate section for each discipline, outlining the requirements for each.

Race Officials Qualification Requirements Summary
Race Officer Qualification Requirements

A summary of the RYA Regional and National Race Officer qualification requirements for appointment.

Mark Layer Qualification Requirements

The summary of the RYA Regional and National Mark Layer qualification requirements for appointment.

Judge Qualification Requirements

A summary of the RYA Regional and National Judge qualification requirements for appointment.

Umpire Qualification Requirements

A summary of the RYA Regional and National Umpire qualification requirements for appointment.

Sail Measurer Qualification Requirements

A summary of the RYA Sail Measurer qualification requirements.


Race Officials Policies

Title Content Date Issued
Race Officials Code of Conduct

Expected levels behaviour and practice for RYA Race Officials during events.

February 2021
RYA Race Officials Performance Procedures

Procedureson dealing with complaints received concerning the conduct and competence of RYA-certified Race Officials.

April 2024


Race Officials Insurance

Qualified RYA Race Officials are automatically accepted onto this insurance scheme to ensure that they have third party liability at events at which they officiate.

The RYA, working with brokers Arthur J Gallagher, has effected a Group Policy which is designed to provide Public Liability Insurance protection for RYA Race Officials in their personal capacity.

The insurance is underwritten by Navigators and General, which is a trading name of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. 

The policy covers any individual who is a member of the RYA and holds a current RYA Regional or National qualification as a Race Officer, Judge, Umpire or Mark Layer whilst they are working in that capacity at an event held under the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The cover extends to bodily injury or death to a third party and loss or damage to property of a third party.  It applies to activity in most countries apart from Canada, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, USA and US Caribbean countries.

The insurance is a 'contingent liability insurance' designed to operate when there is no other valid insurance policy in force. 

If you need a copy of the full policy wording please contact the RYA Race Officials Team telephone 02380 604157 or email RaceOfficials@rya.org.uk

Claims should also be reported to RYA Race Officials Team and it is recommended that all incidents which could give rise to the claim are also reported.