RYA Race Officials Academy

Your sport needs you! Join the Race Officials Academy and experience the opportunities we have to offer.

RYA Race Official Academy has given me opportunities I would never have had otherwise. The academy has pushed myself and others towards developing our own race management qualifications and celebrating them as a group.

The team, the mentors, as well as the staff at the RYA have been amazing - always supportive and friendly. Would I join again? Absolutely - in a heartbeat!

The Race Officials Academy is an exclusive training programme to those aged 18-35. Through structured training, we provide you the opportunity to fast track through RYA Race Official qualifications, meaning you will gain all the tools needed to achieve National qualification in the space of 3 to 4 years.

Prioritising the importance of fun, we aspire to deliver a supportive network through peer group mentoring, along with a social atmosphere on and off the water.

Networking with the existing members of the Academy also provides great opportunity for sharing and support, as they are incredibly keen in welcoming others to the programme (and the WhatsApp group)! 

Every journey through the academy is unique. Whether you are an active sailor or a keen Race Official, the opportunities we offer will help you personally focus and excel along your desired path.

As part of the Race Officials Academy, your first year will involve attending training courses in all five disciplines at regional level – judging, umpiring, race officer, mark laying and sail measurement. Already hold a regional qualification? Not to worry, instead you will be able to attend our national level courses for these disciplines.

Once you have attended these courses, the choice is yours. Choose which discipline excites you and takes your interest, then follow that path to reach your potential. 

Relevant courses will be offered to you continuing through the four years you will be at the Academy. The Academy offers mentors to personally support your progression. They aim to assist and support you on your unique journey, helping you draw up your training plan to achieve your goals.

Take a look at the Race Official Strategy Plan for 2022/23.