Want to be a Race Official?

Attending a Race Official Course is a qualification requirement to become a RYA Race Official in whichever discipline you choose. The below explains the courses we have to offer.

Regional Courses

RYA Regional Race Official courses are suitable for those who are interested in getting into race officiating. Our regional courses are the first level to RYA qualification. Prior experience in race officiating is an advantage, but it is not compulsory as the courses will teach you all you need to know in order to officiate at club events. The RYA offers regional level courses in four disciplines: Judging, Umpiring, Race Officer, and Mark Laying. 


National Courses

RYA National Race Official courses are for those who have completed the regional course, and also hold the RYA regional qualification in whichever discipline interests you. This course is suitable for those who have plenty of experience in Race Officiating regionally or at their local club. This course will teach you a more advanced level, allowing you to officiate at National events, including National Championships. 


Sail Measurement courses

The RYA offers World Sailing Sail Measurement courses to those who are interested in becoming a RYA Sail Measurer. The World Sailing Sail Measurement course covers principles of the Equipment Rules of Sailing and follows the World Sailing method to sail measurement. They are delivered by World Sailing approved instructors and involves a combination of theory and practical tasks. Passing the course will give you official measurer status, for sails in a variety of classes.  



To find more out about the specific disciplines, visit our race official roles page.


These pages give you all the information you need to become actively involved in this area. Questions can be answered by emailing RaceOfficials@rya.org.uk.



Please complete the request from with as much information as possible and we can look to arrange one for you.